Project  Cover Me

"This program has allowed us to provide 100's of blankets to homeless encampments throughout the bay area.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Homeless encampments have increased at an alarming rate and LHH have a duty to reach as many of them as possible.  By partnering with World Central Kitchen, we have increased our monthly meal deliveries from 200 to more than 1000 nutritious meals to support local communities.

Cover Me

Cover Me is a program created to provide supplies needed for individuals to survive the cold winter nights in the Bay Area.  Thanks to supportive donors, we can provide warm blankets, sleeping bags, tents, socks, coats and more to those in need. 

Housing Program

Our goal is to assist the most vulnerable individuals locate affordable housing. Our efforts are to keep the elderly, kids, disabled, and the sick out of encampments and in a secure dwelling.