Project  Cover Me

"This program has allowed us to provide more than 200 blankets to homeless encampments throughout the bay area.


We're proud to say that, because of the values instilled in us daily, Lyons Helping Hands has instituted a monthly tradition of giving. The last Sunday of each month, the Lyons Helping Hands family team plates and share 150- 200 meals in one day. All meals are prepared fresh the day of sharing. Full course meals complete with desert , bottled water, and or juice. It's honestly one of the greatest feeling in the world to see the smiles, hear the people, laughing and conversing, swapping stories, and we even have some that get so excited that they burst into song. Awesome times we have. The sharing of love through food. You all should join our Family for a spell and lend a helping hand.

Bridging the Gap

Our "Bridging the Gap" program consists of a series of programs geared to provide the homeless with Self-Empowerment an life skills needed for transitioning to permanent housing. Our goal is to equip them with the confidence for necessary living productive lives. 

Housing Program

Our goal is to provide quality, affordable housing to those in need, as well as, affordable homes that could be purchased. We're confident that this will significantly reduce their odds of being displaced and homeless in the future.

Lyons Helping Hands 

1139 Ventura Dr. 

Pittsburg, CA  94565


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