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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Are you tired of seeing the less fortunate hungry, displaced? I am. Why is this normal? Truth is, we are all one paycheck, one bill , one missed day of work from being in the same position. How would I want someone to help me? To treat me? Instead of imaging this scenario for yourself and walking around the problem lets do something!

My family has always had to invite anyone we met to our family gathering. I mean anyone! As long as you had a good vibe you were in!! Our family is very very large. Mothers fathers uncles aunts cousins grandparents had one goal, to feed the souls, the total person! My pawpaw (Llyod Lyons), would see a man , not a shell, not a handout but a hand up. "Treat people the way you want to be treated", he would say.

Fast forward to me 2010, my Mother (Yolanda Hopkins) said, "God laid it on my heart to feed the people in our neighborhood!". This thing with people living on our streets is going to get out off hand, it's going to get worse! "In my mind", huh?" How are we going to deal with this? We are just one family with our own issues and no money to just do this. My Mother, "God will provide, lets meet at 29th St (our family home)" This is where it all started, my Pawpaw's house. We met and threw our money together. my mom picked a menu

and the first of many meals began.

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