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Soothing the Heart through the Stomach One meal at a Time

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Since the beginning of time the sharing of food has long been a symbol of peace, camrodery, or at best love of one another. So amazing that despite our many differences as human beings, we are able to bond because of one of our most basic commonalities, which is our need for food. Not only is it good and essential for human survival, we often share a part of our emotion or "soul" through our food. We have food for celebrations, Weddings, birthdays, holidays, ETC. As well as for sad occasions and funerals, as a symbol of respect and honor.

As young as I can remember, there were always wonderful delicious aromas of food around me. Amazing flavors. I would look forward to returning home from school to find what delicious surprise would be bubbling on the stove. Large pots and skillets on the high stove top, too tall for me to see, but if love had a scent, this was definitely it! Just like love, food should be shared. Before the family meal was served, my grandparents often made a couple of takeout plates. She would direct me to deliver these plates to a couple that lived in a park across from her home. Such an inspiration! Teaching a third generation of children the art of giving. To offer the best that you're able to give. To feed others not the scraps or the crumbs of your table, but the very best that you'd afford yourself.

We're proud to say that, because of the values instilled in us daily, Lyons Helping Hands has instituted a monthly tradition of giving. The last Sunday of each month, the Lyons Helping Hands family team plates and share 150- 200 meals in one day. All meals are prepared fresh the day of sharing. Full course meals complete with desert , bottled water, and or juice. It's honestly one of the greatest feeling in the world to see the smiles, hear the people, laughing and conversing, swapping stories, and we even have some that get so excited that they even burst into song. Awesome times we have. The sharing of love through food. You all should join our Family for a spell and lend a helping hand.

By D.J. Horace (The Cook)

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