Lloyd Lyons Sr. and his beautiful wife, Martha, made their move from Los Angeles to Oakland, California with their 7 children in 1965, searching for the opportunity to support their rapidly growing family. With hard work and determination, Lloyd put his mark on the Bay Area by owning his own plastering company and designing beautiful homes.

Not to be outdone, Martha Lyons started her own business as well, selling antiques and other household goods at local swap-meets. She was a very influential, and well-respected woman throughout Oakland. Martha's persistence and commitment to providing neighborhood yard sales quickly turned into a family business. 

Both Lloyd Lyons Sr. and Martha passed their skills and values down to not only their kids but the generations to follow as well. Their investment of blood, sweat, and tears resulted in a strong work ethic that would survive generations and most importantly, they imparted their love for humanity and the spirit of giving. 

Although charged with the task of raising 9 children, Lloyd and Martha  have always stretched their resources to provide for those who are less fortunate. They opened their doors to the lonely, they fed the hungry, employed individuals who couldn't find work, organized community events, and poured out their love wherever they went. 

Lyons Helping Hands was established by their children to honor their legacy of giving back. Our mission is to help build a stronger community through love and  compassion for others, and our values stand strong in all of the services we provide. 

Our Story

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